About Me

Welcome to Pivot!  A blog that is my personal reflections on the daily triumphs and challenges faced in the classroom in a rapidly changing world.  My name is Kelly Burnett and I have been a passionate educator for fifteen years, teaching young minds from grades 3-5 in the gorgeous state of Colorado.  

I reside in Fort Collins with my husband and two young boys aged 3 and 6.  Our family loves to explore cuisine with new recipes, share laugh out loud stories snuggled in bed, and construct fast moving vehicles and creative structures with building blocks.  

As I conclude my graduate studies in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in K-6 language arts from the American College of Education, I challenged myself to model and take risks similar to what I ask students to do daily in my classroom.  To share.  To publish.  To reflect.  The result of that challenge is this blog exploring my reflections as a passionate educator.

The summer of 2020 found us in the middle of a global pandemic that required teachers to pivot their instruction and practices from in person to online learning within a matter of 24 hours.  The uncertainty of the landscape of education in the coming days, weeks, months, and years has created an environment in which flexibility, innovation, and community are key.

This blog will chronicle my experiences in the classroom in hopes that it will inspire, support, and provide inspiration for educators around the globe to continue to pivot and make transformational changes in the pursuit of positively impacting the lives of young people each and every day.

I’d love to hear your own personal reflections, your questions, and ideas as we continue to do what we do best.  Collaborate, discover, and share our passions as colleagues in the classroom.  

Please feel free to contact me at  !  I would love to connect with you and send you weekly updates of my blog when I post new content!